Here you can find resources that will help to find a good final project:

John Burkardt's list of potential projects
Self-avoiding walks
Folding pseudoproteins
Multicore computation
Matching, holographic algorithm, NP-hard, NP-complete
Bird flocking behavior simulation
A ball in N-Dimension
Crinkly curves, fractals
Swarming ants, a new optimization algorithm
Travelling Salesman algorithms


Our labs and homework use MATLAB, there are several free matlab 'clones' available

  • SciLab works on Linux/Windows/Mac and is decently fast on large matrices, this is my preferred matlab clone, here a link to matlab-scilab comparison per function
  • FreeMat is another matlab clone, on my MacOS10.8 it looked nice but was very slow plotting 8000 points and stalled a few times (I may have been just too impatient).
  • Octave is commonly declared as a matlab clone, but I find that the octave team has dropped the ball because their framework is very complicated to compile and seem to fail on modern MacOS systems.