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This is the spring board to Peter Beerli's classes:

Current Class and Seminar [Spring 2021]

The classes shown are currently taught but are not the lectures actually delivered this semester, the links here represent the general content of the class, and were taught in earlier years.

ISC-4304 Programming for Scientific Applications [using python and C++]


ISC-3222 Programming for Scientific ApplicationsSymbolic and numerical computations

ISC-3313 Introduction to Scientific Computing using C++

ISC-4221 Discrete Algorithms in Scientific Computing

ISC-4304 Programming for Scientific Applications

ISC-5935PPG Practical Population/Phylo-Genetics Inference

ISC-5317 Computational Evolutionary Biology


ISC-5939-03 Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice Seminar

ISC-4931-01 Junior Undergraduate Seminar Scientific Computing


UnixRX UNIX and Python remedy

MIGRATE Tutorials

Tutorial for the EPONGE workshop in Lima October 3-7 2016

Tutorial for the workshop at the Ohio State University in Columbus OH February 24, 2017

Tutorial for the workshop at the Smithsonian Conservation Genomics Center April 28, 2017