Geneland tutorial

(if you need to still install see Installation:)
Tutorial material: download GENELAND_TUTORIAL.ZIP


I have prepared 3 sample data files with increasing migration rate 1 is low and 3 is high, all use the same coordinate file (in fact the data was simulated using two populations and the coordinates are assigned randomly to the samples -- this is NOT how real data is collected because this destroys any geography within a population, but since there was no geography to start with this will be OK, I expect that geneland will cope well with sample1 and less well with sample3.

  • start R then type
  • fill in the output directory and the coordinates and the sampled data (use codominated markers)
  • run the analysis using at least 10000 steps (more would be better), do also a few replicates
  • postprocess using the defaults
  • run the graphics section and look at some of the plots (we will discuss these in class)


On a mac:

if this works do (!! capitalization !!) library("Geneland") You may need to follow the prompt to install command line tools, otools or similar.

  • if all worked then you should be set: in R try (again): library('Geneland') Geneland.GUI()

On UNIX systems:

  • install R (use apt-get if your system supports that)
  • in R:
  • you should be set: in R try:

on Windows:

  • follow the instructions.