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Course notes for the Workshop August 2017:

  1. Thursday: Python lists, loops, how to code a program from start to finish: example "calculate Pi using the Monet Carlo method"
  2. Friday: Functions, reading and writing, plotting and other packages to make python life easier

Workshop codes and presentation

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Course notes for the Workshop in May 2013:

  1. Monday: UNIX introduction. On the first day, we explore the UNIX command line, learn about copying renaming, deleting, but also about extracting lines from files etc. (UNIX cheatsheet)
  2. Tuesday: Python baby steps: calculating Pi We learn the very basics of the programming language Python, and end the day with writing a full python program to estimate the value of Pi using a Monte Carlo approach.
  3. Wednesday: Reading and Writing. We learn how to read from a file and write to a file using python.
  4. Thursday: Plotting. Python makes plotting easy and we can create nice xy-plots and histograms.
  5. Friday: Scipy/Numpy and other complications. Python has a small core but there are many modules that can be imported, modules for computation such as scipy and numpy are necessary if you want to do any serious computing with python. We learn about how to use these models.