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This is the spring board to Peter Beerli's classes:

Current Class [Fall 2017]

ISC-5317 Computational Evolutionary Biology


ISC-5935PPG Practical Population/Phylo-Genetics Inference

ISC-4304 Programming for Scientific Applications

ISC-3313 Introduction to Scientific Computing using C++

ISC-4221 Discrete Algorithms in Scientific Computing

ISC-5317 Computational Evolutionary Biology


ISC-5939-03 Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Practice Seminar

ISC-4931-01 Junior Undergraduate Seminar Scientific Computing


UnixRX UNIX and Python remedy

MIGRATE Tutorials

Tutorial for the EPONGE workshop in Lima October 3-7 2016

Tutorial for the workshop at the Ohio State University in Columbus OH February 24 2017

Tutorial for the workshop at the Smithsonian Conservation Genomics Center April 28 2017