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RevBayes Tutorial

Download the large tutorial package (191MB) from here: at my personal website or from here at the institutional website (This includes the help, tutorials and the binaries for mac and windows)

If you already have the binaries installed then use this

We will explore a few basics things together, run a simple script from the tutorial and will explore a more complicated script [I will expand here before class]

  1. Can you run the program rb from your console in the tutorial directory? If not we may need to adjust the path to the executable, access to the dynamic library, etc. for macs look at the installation README, for local UNIX machines you need to establish a link to the binary; for windows : I hope that it works out of the box, because I will not be able to help.
  1. We explore RevBayes using the tutorial labeled RB_CTMC_Tutorial and in that directory we will use the tutorial that uses the Jukes-Cantor mutation model in detail. We will explore several concepts of RevBayes on the way (use the tutorial text RB_CTMC_Tutorial_oct2015.pdf). In class we will go through all details and explore on the way, first action will be to start rb and then follow the tutorial.